Fine Art Prints for sale at LÖSUNG unique furniture exhibition – Savonlinna


If you happen to be in Savonlinna this summer I highly recommend you to visit the outstanding LÖSUNG furniture design exhibition (you’ll find it here). I have done a lot of commercial photography for LÖSUNG. Now we are engaged in a new collaboration where we present a selection of Fine Art Pictures that fits with the essence of LÖSUNG work. All pictures are taken in Finland, where also the luxury gallery prints are produced.

The mounted prints are completely air and water tight. The pictures maintain their colour properties for over 100 years in home conditions and more than 200 year in optimal conditions. The pictures are printed with extremely high quality with a Lambda printer using Kodak paper and mounted on acrylic layer using a method (Silisec) approved by museums. The acrylic brings beautiful vibrancy to the colours and a 3-D effect to the photo while protecting and allowing to wipe-clean the surface. On the back there is a layer of composite aluminium that gives resistance and durability. The mounts are delivered with 20 mm aluminium rails that separate the print from the wall for an elegant presentation of the artwork.

In the back of the mounted print there is the photographer’s signature, name of the picture and the year of assembly.
The gallery prints are 80×40 cm. However, because every interior is not the same the mounted prints can also be prepared with the size that suits you best. You can also contact me if you wish to have any other picture from my galleries printed in this superior mounting technique.

Price of the gallery print: 480€ (incl. VAT) + Shipping (17€ in Finland, 40€ abroad)

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