2013, week 37 – Misted up

Foggy mornings are wonderful for macro photography. In addition to soft, homogeneous light you also get dewdrops that reveal spider webs and give a “fresh” look to the photographic objects. So this week I post pictures of ladybird covered in drops and a spider in its web condominium.  I was tempted to name the post “The beauty and the beast”. However,  despite to human eyes ladybirds may look more appealing than spiders, the ladybirds are also terrifying predators for some insect species like aphids

Picture info: 100mm macro at 1/50s, f4.5, ISO 800. Off-camera flash towards reflector. Polarizer filter. Tripod.


Picture info: 100mm macro at 1/50s, f4.5, ISO 640. Two off-camera flashes. Tripod

PS. The spider was indeed upside down.

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